Canker detection canines

Our canker detection project was started in 2007 with the aid of USDA.  Our canine program was independently tested by the leading scientist in the industry. We successfully proved to be 98% percent accurate in groves, packing houses, and nurseries during the five year research project. After completing the research, we developed a program for commercial use. For the first time in history canines were able to clear a troubled nursery which in turn was able to pass USDA inspection.


Scentworxs detection teams, each comprised of a dog and a specialized handler, are able to provide the earliest form of detection for HLB in a variety of working environments such as greenhouses and groves. These teams are the most effective countermeasure for the spread of this disease as well as an effective marketing tool to assure your clientele that you are providing the cleanest product available on the market.